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Air Seeding & Spraying Solutions

Trimble Field-IQ™

This crop input control system provides you with a complete field application
solution, enabling a more productive and efficient farming operation.
Benefits include:

  • Increasing profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs by using automatic or manual section control.
  • Cost savings by monitoring and simultaneously varying up to six different materials using Variable Rate Application (VRA) technology to precisely plant seeds, apply chemicals and broadcast fertilizers.
  • Monitoring in real time seeding information or fertilizer delivery lines and
    preventing costly planter problems by catching them early before they cause yield reduction.
  • Reduce costs and environmental impact by utilizing crop-sensing technology to control the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs for optimum plant growth.
  • Reduce the number of boxes in the cab with one easy-to-use display.

Raven automatic boom height and section control systems deliver accuracy,
savings and profitability. You’ll waste less time, effort and wasted inputs and chemicals for your spraying operations.


A stand alone boom section controller. Features GPS-guided automatic on-off section controls.


This automatic boom height control system gives you faster operating speeds, simple installation and user-friendly controls. The unique hydraulic-powered design delivers a smooth, more responsive height-adjusting system for spraying perfection.

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