EZ-Guide 250 System EZ-Guide 250 System
CFX-750 display CFX-750 display
FmX 1000 integrated display
EZ-Steer system EZ-Steer system
EZ-Pilot system EZ-Pilot system

Guidance & Steering Solutions

Precise Farm Solutions recommends Trimble products because of their
performance and integration capabilities; they offer a complete package that is upgradeable without having to buy new equipment. Trimble also offers application software and wireless communication services to help manage your farm.
Customers can experience precise steering, plus collect, manage and analyse complex information quickly and easily.

Auto steer displays

EZ-Guide 250 System

The most affordable light bar option, also upgradeable to EZ-Steer.

CFX-750 display

Affordable touch screen display to precisely manage auto-steer and spray control. Includes two camera inputs and is RTK Network ready.

FmX 1000 integrated display

Large color screen display offers integrated dual GPS and GLONASS
(a world-wide Russian satellite system) receivers and supports every application offered by Trimble. Features:

  • Auto steer
  • Air seeder control
  • Yield monitoring
  • Sprayer control
  • Implement steering
  • Four camera inputs
  • Inter-row seeding
  • RTK ready

Auto steering systems

EZ-Steer system

Simple, portable hands-free farming for over 1,000 vehicle models.

EZ-Pilot system

Assisted steering with integrated electronic motor drive for high accuracy at an affordable price.

Autopilot system

Provides 1 inch pass-to-pass accuracy, automated steering and can reduce your fuel and input costs.


RTK offers farmers 2.5cm accuracy year after year allowing machinery to be placed exactly where you want it.

We have the latest RTK solutions that are extremely reliable and affordable.
We supply the complete RTK solution at the right price. Trimbles FmX and CFX-750 screens are RTK ready meaning you don’t have to buy more hardware to get RTK accuracy. Using our RTK network you only pay a yearly subscription
meaning a lot less setup and maintenance costs.

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